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Serving the NSW Central West Region


NOTICE: The Company is no longer trading as of 1 July 2018.

The Company GST Registration and the ABN have both been cancelled.


Divisions of Creation Corporation Pty Limited:
ACN 064 312 438  ABN 70 064 312 438

· Total Quality Multimedia
· Common Sense Technology
· In Every Office       (est 1993)
· Postcard Promotions

Telephone:    (cancelled) or Mobile: 0408 416 640
Facsimile:      (cancelled)
Postal address:  27 Courallie Street Cowra NSW 2794 Australia
Electronic mail:
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Creation Corporation Pty Limited was established in April 1994 to facilitate the development and provision of a full range of customised Software Solutions, Interactive Multimedia, and other Media and Promotional Products.

It used to be structured into four divisions centered around a Multimedia Studio and Office at Florey, (Canberra), Australia.

The Company used to employ freelance Graphic Designers, Script Writers, Producer/Directors and Programmers from its network of relationships as need arose. Its full time programmer (and Director) is Don Neal (now officially retired).

Each division had its own unique focus. For example, only Common Sense Technology sold hardware and third party software. In Every Office sold advice and support. It also did the brokering for Common Sense Technology. Total Quality Multimedia developed software (from databases to multimedia applications). Postcard Promotions developed promotional materials and strategies with a focus on the postcard as a central component.

Please note that Don Neal, the only one now at Creation Corporation Pty Limited, is retired.

Don is still available for advice on IT and database issues and as an editor for those needing assistance with their literary creations. Until June 2018 he was still looking after three heritage clients: The Vineyard Motel, Cowra; Swaine Adeney Pty Ltd; and the people of the former Ultimate Image Business Cards at Glenning Valley NSW. These clients have moved on.

After servicing the Canberra Region from 1994 to 2018, twenty four (24) years, and mainly providing database development to the Commonwealth Government, Creation Corporation Pty Limited (and Don Neal) has now relocated to Cowra NSW. Our new location is 27 Courallie Street Cowra NSW 2794 as of 26 July 2018.


MsAccess Database development and administration
VB6 development
SQL Server development
Web Site development
    HTML development
    JavaScript development
    Visual Interdev development
PDF development
Multimedia development
CDROM Project Management
Project Management
Specification development


This website was redelegated to MelbourneIT 1:00 pm Friday 2 September 2005 because they supported Front Page Server Extensions. Moved under protest to CLOUD SERVERS without Frontpage Server Extensions 28 October 2014. MelbourneIT no longer support Front Page Server Extensions.

On 8 June 2017, after twelve years with Melbourne IT, we have moved to Digital Pacific. This is because of Melbourne IT's total failure to address issues late April and right through May 2017. In utter frustration we have moved to Digital Pacific. We hope our experience with Digital Pacific will be a rewarding one. 

Our new count is You are invited to step in and have a look around.


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