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Serving the NSW Central West Region

In Every Office Areas of Service

Installation (PC Systems and/or peripherals)
System Tape Backup (on site and/or off site - see Remote Backup Page)
System Archives to CDROM
Burning of Hybrid (PC and Macintosh) CDROMs
CDROM Project Management and Publication
Maintenance (PC Systems and/or peripherals)
Training (Private Tuition Single or Double)
Product Consultation (Suppliers and Products)
Product (PC Hardware and Software) Brokering
Production Brokering of CDROMs and other media
Help Desk (Telephone Support and Advice)
Creation of Hybrid (PC and Macintosh) CDROMs
Client access to and use of TQM Studio Facilities for a "Studio Fee"
Customised Software Development

See Total Quality Multimedia for contract arrangements and rates regarding Software Development.

 Prepaid Support and Membership

Clients were able to join IEO through payment of a $360.00 fee for consultancy support. Membership
remained current while there was a current account and a balance of unused support hours. The $360.00
was for six hours of support and advice at $60.00 per hour.

When the current account became zero membership could be renewed by payment of a further $360.00
for another six hours of pre-paid support.

The rules were as follows:

Each membership is entitled to 6 hours of support per account.
Membership has to be paid in advance.
Members are entitled to purchase PC Hardware and Software at cost.
Payment for PC Hardware and Software must be in advance.
PC Hardware and Software purchased on your behalf will be brokered on
    the day of order placement by Common Sense Technology.
All times expended providing advice to you, brokering the best deals,
    ordering and configuring your hardware and software will be logged against
    your account.
Any Urgent Immediate Callouts to a Member will be at the Special Urgent
    Member Callout Fee of $80.00 per hour.
Non urgent callouts by arrangement will be logged as normal against your
    current account.
Phone support of up to 10 minutes on any one day is free.
Other instances of phone support will be logged against your account.
The "Studio Fee" for a Member is $30.00 per hour.

For periods of CDROM creation, where the process does not require an officer's immediate attendance,
the "Studio Fee" for a Member will be $30.00 per hour.

Join In Every Office NOW. Click here to fill out and post the Membership Order Form.  Introduce new
clients to Membership and receive 1 hour free support for each introduction.

Casual Fee Structure (Non Members)

The non-member casual rate is $140.00 per hour. The "Studio Fee" is $70.00 per hour.

Casual users of IEO will not be entitled to the discounts or any other benefits of Membership.


GST applies in addition to all values quoted.

See the In Every Office HTML PROMO document and print it.

Or you can open and print the Word97 PROMO document or the Word6 PROMO document,
or you can use the PDF PROMO version.

The click here to open and print the Word6 version of the Order Form.

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