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Don Neal is now retired. He has had two professional careers. In Sydney for 23 years he was a Primary School Teacher and in Canberra for 23 years an IT Software Developer. During the latter the focus was on MsAccess Database Development for the Commonwealth Government as well as being an IT Professional Consultant.

Don is an experienced programmer and database application developer in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, VBA, VB6, Visual Interdev, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer and others. He was a full time PC Software Developer in Canberra from April 1989 'till retirement.

Don has been involved with MSAccess as an advanced developer intensively and continuously since September 1993. He also has advanced HTML and Web Site Skills and has developed websites for Defence, Writematrix and SwaineAdeney, the Vineyard Motel and others.

Don has extensive experience and competence in analysis, design, programming and implementation of client-server applications using Microsoft tools (VB, SQL, VBA, INTERDEV, all versions of Office) on Windows NT, 98, 2000, XP and 2003 platforms for private clients,  the NSW and ACT Governments and the for the Commonwealth Government. He has significant experience with datamining and competent skills in Transact SQL (in code and in SQL Server), Stored Procedures, Inline Functions and Views. 

He has competent MS Visual Basic and SQL Server skills. He has developed and converted a number of Access 95/97/2000 to Access 2000 + SQL Server 7.0 (and SQL Server 2000).

Contact Notification Database Access 2000 + SQL Server 7.0
Contract Applications Management Access 2000 + SQL Server 7.0
Extract FavoritesV2000 Access 2000 + SQL Server 7.0
Extract FavoritesV2000  VB 6.0 Project + Access 2000
Extract FavoritesV2000 VB 6.0 Project + Access 2000 + SQL Server 7.0
Extract FavoritesV2000 VB 6.0 Project + SQL Server 7.0
Mail Project (for Medibank Private project) VB 6.0 Project and MAPI
Cicerone Installation Application VB 6.0 Project for Cicerone Project

Don established Creation Corporation Pty Limited in April 1994 to facilitate the development and provision of a full range of customised Software Solutions, Interactive Multimedia, and other Media and Promotional Products. It was structured into four divisions centred around the Multimedia Studio and Office at Florey, (Canberra), Australia until relocated to Cowra NSW. Creation Corporation Pty Limited is no longer trading as of 1st July 2018.

Contact Don for:

MsAccess development
VBA development
SQL Server development
VB6 development
Web Site development
    HTML development
    JavaScript development
    Visual Interdev development
PDF development
Multimedia development
CDROM Project Management
Project Management
Specification development

He can be contacted directly on PHONE: (cancelled) or Mobile: 0408 416 640.

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Personal & Technical Details
Full Resume Versions

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