Creation Corporation Pty Limited

Creation Corporation Pty Limited moved officially from Canberra to Cowra NSW 2794 on 26 July 2018.

The Company is no longer trading.

Don Neal, its Director, retired Primary School Teacher (Sydney for 23 years) and retired IT Consultant and Database Developer (Canberra for 23 years), is nevertheless offering his services to the good people of the Central West Region of NSW 2794 in the areas of Web Design Consultation, and in particular Editing of documents and manuscripts.

These services for now will be available from Don directly and will not (unless advised to the contrary) have any official connection to the Company.

Creation Corporation's website, active since 1997, is now semi-decommissioned but is still available here for those interested in reviewing the history of the Company and Don's expertise and experience.


Do you need help in polishing your document, your manuscript, your Story, your Novel? Don Neal can help you. 

LET'S TALK: 0408 416 640

Don Neal, the Director of Creation Corporation Pty Limited, can be your EDITOR and Proofreader for manuscript, document, story or novel writing and development.

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